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Why do we use Unirac?

Unirac is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico and is one of the leading racking manufacturers in the country.  Racking literally holds everything together when it comes to solar; it’s engineered to last as long as your solar panels, which shows the dependability we trust. Unirac not only collaborates with companies like Enphase to help create a more dynamic product, but they have continued to innovate and create new ways to hold your system together since 1998.

For flat roof mounted systems we do not penetrate the roof, instead we use a ballasted racking solution that is weighed down with bricks heavy enough to withstand 110 mile an hour sustained wind and light enough for the typical roof.  With a 10 degree angle, the system can be hidden by most 12 inch parapets on flat roofs.

Simplicity Redefined



“ROOF MOUNT introduces the Power of Simplicity to the ballasted flat roof solar industry. The system consists of only two major components, minimizing preparation work and installation time. Seamlessly design around roof obstacles, support most framed modules and bond the system with just the turn of a wrench. Industry leading installation speed metrics have been verified by a third party, DNV GL.”