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AMENERGY is the company that did our off-grid system at our cabin.  They do great work.”
– Kathy Holian

3.06kW PV Roof Mounted System, 13 215w Panels, 1 Hybrid Inverter, Solar Thermal Domestic Hot Water System – roof mounted, Battery Backup System, Backup Generator

Our electric bill has always been ZERO since installation.”
– Larry Eccard

5.04kW PV Ground Mounted System, 24 210w Panels, 24 Micro-Inverters

You’re probably tired of me continually telling you how happy we are with our system…”
– Joyce Lathrop

37.6kW PV Roof Mounted System (commercial), 160 235w Panels, 160 Micro-Inverters

AMENERGY installed our solar system, with which we are very happy.”
– Joe and Valerie Plame Wilson

5.64kW PV System – 2, 12 Panel Ground Mounted Dual-Axis Trackers, Integrated Solar Thermal Space Heating and Domestic Hot Water System – ground mounted, Battery Backup System, Rain Catchment System

AMENERGY has done six different projects on our property.  There’s a reason I keep calling them back.”
– Rebecca Thompson

…we could not be more pleased with our system. It has been maintenance free and we generate consistent, month over month, year over year power production.”
-Michelle and Terry Rothwell

“We built a strawbale home in 2009 and were interested in adding solar panels.  We were under time constraints as we needed to finish the roof penetrations for the solar panel installation prior to completion of our roof. Understanding the importance of the structural integrity of our TPO roof,  Amenergy installed a 24-panel 4 watt (?) system and worked diligently with the roofing company to ensure proper sealing. They were prompt and considerate and left no trace of their work besides the solar panels themselves.

Three years later, we could not be more pleased with our system.  It has been maintenance free and we generate consistent, month over month, year over year power production.  The reimbursement we receive from PNM more than pays for our firewood and propane so we have virtually no utility bills.  We recently had a roof inspection and the roofing company was concerned about possible deterioration in the solar panel seals.  When he inspected the roof, he was very surprised to find no issues with the roof, and complimented the solar panel installation as a job well done!”

-Michelle and Terry Rothwell