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Why do we use Solar Skies Solar Thermal Panels?

The solar collector is the main component of a solar thermal system.  The reinforced glass enclosed pipes captures sunlight and converts it into heat.  The pipes are filled with heat transfer fluid (eco-friendly anti-freeze) circulates through the collector and is stored in a hot water tank that can provide preheated water to a boiler to prevent it from turning on up to 65% of the time.

Solar Skies has been manufacturing Solar Thermal Collectors since 2006 out of Minnesota. Their sleek design and 10-year warranty insure that their coverage of your system from beginning on installation to the end will all be smooth and cause less of a headache. We used Solar Skies before AMENERGY was founded.  They’re still our go-to manufacturer for both their collectors and stainless steel tanks.Solar Skies

All About Performance

“Solar Skies Solar Thermal Collectors are designed for performance and durability. At every juncture in the manufacturing process, we choose the highest grade components to ensure that your collector not only performs, but endures both time and the extreme conditions to which collectors are exposed.”

All Copper Absorber

“Our fin, tube and header are 100% copper, eliminating the concerns of dissimilar metals with different expansion and contraction rates or galvanic corrosion issues which can shorten collector life and performance. Our parallel flow allows our collectors to be utilized in both drain back and pressurized installation.”