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Solar Water Pump Systems

AMENERGY has the ability to integrate solar energy into existing well, landscaping, agricultural water distribution, and fire suppression systems. We can help automate large-scale agricultural irrigation systems, as well as give peace of mind to any client that needs reliable well water delivery in the event of a power failure. We’ve also created private water storage systems from publicly delivered water sources.

We have been designing and installing solar water pumping systems since 1994 and through extensive experience with design, materials, and installations only the finest equipment is specified.

Solar Water Pump

Example of  an above-ground water storage system.

System Design

There are numerous combinations of system design: Water tanks can be buried, pumps can use a combination of conventional and solar electricity, systems can operate off or on grid, battery power or generators. Solar water pumping battery systems are normally stand-alone since they are typically one single load. However, the systems can operate as Grid-Tied or in Off-Grid mode.

Similar to other types of battery systems when sized properly, solar water pumping battery system cannot be distinguished from any other water system in its pressure and clarity. But unlike a public or utility dependent system, the user is water independent.

Water security and water accessibility is one of the most critical issues of our time. Even in a country like America, if the power grid shuts down so does the water flow. More and more homes, businesses, ranches and farms are installing battery powered water systems. These systems vary from augmenting municipal water systems with storage tanks and pumps to the installation of private wells.

AMENERGY also builds custom enclosures for our battery banks that provide a dedicated, insulated space to protect the batteries from the elements.

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