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Solar PV Energy

What is Solar PV?

Solar PV (Photovoltaic) Panels create a reliable source of clean energy. These systems will function with little maintenance and are generally backed by warranties of 25 years (some equipment have warranties with shorter duration) and are designed to last approximately 30 to 40 years. A PV system requires no fuel and is not affected by rising fuel costs. An investment in a solar system will benefit your home or business long into the future.

While it is functioning, a solar energy system can eliminate or reduce your electrical bills, as well as hedge against future rate increases. In a surprisingly short time period, a system will pay for itself and keep saving you money. Large systems may possibly create surplus electricity, making money by giving you perpetual credit with your local utility company.  State and federal governments recognize the need for cleaner energy infrastructure, and offer tax breaks and incentive programs for private sector consumers who install these systems. This investment in cleaner energy establishes you as a leader for environmental stewardship in your community, doing your part to lessen the effects of climate change.



AMENERGY, through its principal partners, has been installing solar electric systems since 1994. Our practical experience is substantial and has spanned conventional electricity offsets with Solar Electric Grid Tie systems to Stand Alone Solar Electric Battery systems to High Voltage Multi-Phased Hybrid Solar Electric systems and to all types of Solar Electric Water Pumping.

AMENERGY’s solar energy systems are of the highest quality, consisting of tested and true and cutting edge technologies. We have a higher journeyman to apprentice electrician ratio than any other installer in the state of New Mexico, so you can be assured of a high quality installation. We are committed to providing the latest technologies, and are constantly seeking the emerging, highest efficiency and cost effective products available.

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