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Why do we use SMA?

SMA Inverter

Founded in 1981, SMA Solar Technology was founded in Niestetal, Germany and, in 2009, opened a production plant in Denver, CO. From their Sunny Boy Inverters to their Sunny Island Battery Inverters, all of which are “premium” units instead of being categorized as “value,” we tend to use their products because of their reliability and warranties.

SMA offers both 5 and 10 year Extended Warranties for their products, which is a great deal on their own, what makes them better is how versatile their products can be and how easily they work with other products.  If you’re system is still under original warranty, you can purchase an extended warranty at any time.

When do we use SMA?

We use SMA for our off-grid systems because the Sunny Island provides the kind of reliable smart technology that can coordinate the solar, batteries and generator to keep your house running every day.  We also like string inverters on ground mounts with a 25 to 35 degree tilt, full sun set up.  Because it is a string inverter, it does not come with module level monitoring.



SMA wants to help drive down the cost of customer acquisition and improved margins by arming installers with an abundance of feature/benefit sales support. Close more deals with the Sunny Boy 5.0-US / 6.0-US by utilizing:

  • Secure Power Supply, now with 2,000 W of opportunity power in the event of a grid outage, as an increased value-add or upsell opportunity
  • SMA’s 30 year history and status as the #1 global inverter manufacturer instills homeowners with peace of mind and the long-term security they demand from a PV investment
  • An economical solution for shade mitigation and the challenges of complex roofs
  • Complete grid-management capabilities, ensuring a utility-compliant solution for customers operating in any market