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We service ALL existing Solar Energy Systems in New Mexico!

Even if you didn’t get your solar system from us, you can still get the best,
most cost effective maintenance program available!



Thanks to our custom digital monitoring equipment, it is less expensive than ever to keep track of your system’s production levels and operational status.

We offer a variety of monitors to fit your needs, allowing you mobile or wifi access to system control or observation and of course, the peace of mind that comes with knowing your system is operating at optimal efficiency.


Once installed, AMENERGY will regularly monitor your Solar System for any performance irregularities. This allows us to catch and correct issues before they become major problems. With our new Service and Maintenance agreements, AMENERGY offers you solid preventive protection against power loss or outages.



If your Solar System does require repairs, upgrades or maintenance of any kind, AMENERGY proudly offers the most efficient and cost-effective maintenance service in New Mexico.

Please contact us whether your panels just need to be checked or you have added on to your home or purchased a new electric vehicle and need to add more kW to your system. A short evaluation followed by a proposal will provide you the easiest way to make sure your solar life remains as efficient as you need it to be.

AMENERGY is here to service all of your utility needs, not just solar!


Service Contracts

AMENERGY Service Contracts are now available!

For Solar PV Systems, we:

  • verify panels are functioning properly
  • validate inverter’s performance and quality
  • check inverter’s specs: make & model
  • document the size of system, type of panels and installation date
  • check wiring, fuses and combiner boxes
  • clean panels
  • check mounting structure’s integrity
  • verify proper connectivity
  • remove and/or replace defective parts*
  • check warranty status on existing Solar System components

For Solar Thermal Systems, we:

  • verify heat collectors are functioning properly
  • clean collectors
  • document the size of system, type of collectors and installation date
  • check mounting structure’s integrity
  • check condition and pressure of glycol
  • determine condition and proper functioning of water heater and/or storage tanks
  • check condition of valves, and temperature and pressure sensors
  • verify proper connectivity
  • check proper functioning of pumps and other critical components
  • remove and/or replace defective parts*
  • check warranty status on existing Solar System components

 Annual Service Plans start at $40

*Additional costs will apply


The AMENERGY Plan is to keep existing systems working like they should,
so we can keep New Mexico Green and Healthy!


It’s our belief that solar energy is not only the future, but the best option for the environment, community health, security and sustainability.

Everyone has heard stories about solar systems not working or not performing as promised. We believe that they should, even if we didn’t build them! We want to make your solar life the best it can be. That’s why AMENERGY decided to open our Service and Maintenance Division!

For more information about AMENERGY, check out our About Us Page.

Email Us or Call 505-242-4407 today to make an appointment for your $75 AMENERGY Inspection!