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AMENERGY has worked extensively in the residential market designing and installing a diverse universe of projects.

These projects range from virtually every type of solar electric installation to unique solar thermal and conventional heating systems.

AMENERGY is the primary company in the state of New Mexico installing integrated solar space heating systems and hybrid technologies on residences. Our approach is total and complementary energy efficiency with a structure.

Private Ranch, San Miguel County

Project Profile: Private Ranch, San Miguel County

Private Ranch

Off-Grid Ballasted Ground Mounted Solar Electric, Wind Generation, and Solar Thermal Installation

This private ranch installation was designed by AMENERGY in conjunction with Peak Power Engineering. This system is amongst the largest off grid renewable energy installations in the State of New Mexico. The power plant supplies uninterrupted power for a modern structure with large electrical demands.

The design includes technologies never used before within the state such as Honeywell Windtronic Wind Turbines, Sunny Multicluster Box (300A 3 Phase), and large scale concrete ground mount ballasting system.

The solar thermal installation provides domestic hot water preheat, offsetting propane use by 75%.



  • 112 Sharp 235W Solar Modules
  • 4 Sunnyboy Combiner Boxes
  • 4 Sunnyboy 6kW Inverters
  • 9 Sunnyisland Inverters
  • 3 Sunny Batfuse Boxes
  • 1 Sunny Multicluster Box (300A 3 Phase)
  • 6 Banks of 48V Absolyte Batteries at 3000Ah. 48 6V Batteries
  • SquareD Switch Gear
  • 25kW Liquid Cooled Cummins Propane Backup Generator
  • 2 20ft Steel Customized and Insulated Containers
  • Unirac Racking, Heavy Duty Rail and Galvanized Unistrut

  • 3 Honeywelll Wintronics Wind Turbines
  • 3 Honeywell Windtronics Smart Boxes
  • 3 Honeywell Anemometers
  • 3 Honeywell DC Charge Controllers


  • 2 Veissman Flat Plate Collectors
  • Steibel Eltron Solar Water Tank
  • Grundfos Pump Stations
  • Flexible Stainless Steel Supply and Return Lines
  • High Efficiency Energy Star Conventional Hot Water Tank
  • Smart System Controls

Pecos Ranch

Project Profile: Pecos Ranch


Grid Tied Tracker Solar Electric with Whole Property Battery Backup and Ground Mount Integrated Solar Thermal Installation

The largest residential grid tied system in Mora San Miquel COOP Region. This system, installed by AMENERGY, offsets 100% of their electrical use, providing a continuous supply with battery backup. The solar thermal portion of this installation provides heating offset for the ranch’s entire space heating and domestic hot water needs for its multiple residences, swimming pool, and the rest of the property. These systems are conveniently tucked over 400 feet away from the residences on the property. Two separate mechanical rooms were designed and constructed specifically for this installation. A sub-terrain thermal mechanical room was built, as well as an above ground inverter, switch gear, and battery room, known as “the energy shed.” Just outside of the energy shed is a 50kW propane generator for additional backup.



  • 4 Wattson Trackers
  • 64 Sanyo 215W Solar Panels
  • 4 Sunnyboy Inverters
  • 4 Sunny island Inverters
  • 1 Sunny Web Box
  • 2 Generac Automatic Transfer Switches
  • SquareD General Switch Gear
  • 1350Ah RollsSurrette Batteries
  • 50kW Generac Generator
Solar Thermal

  • 24 Veissmann Flat Plate Solar Thermal Collectors
  • Knight High Efficiency Modulating Condensing Boiler
  • Grundfos Pumps AC
  • Laing Pumps DC
  • Non-Toxic Propylene Glycol
  • Unistrut Racking
  • SMART Hot Water Tanks
  • Steibel Eltron Solar Water Tanks
  • ¾ Wall Closed Cell Insulation

Glorieta Freedom Ranch

Project Profile: Glorieta Freedom Ranch

Glorietta Freedom Ranch

Off Grid Roof Mount Solar Electric and Roof Mount Solar Thermal Installation

This private residence installation complies with the “Built Green New Mexico” construction guidelines and provides 100% electric needs of the structures. The solar thermal installation can also provide 100% domestic hot water requirements for the property and residence.



  • 16 Sanyo 215W Panels
  • Xantrex 6kW Inverter
  • Xantrex Charge Controller
  • Xantrex Generator Auto start
  • 25kW Propane Generac Generator
  • 8 RollsSurrette 800Ah Batteries
  • SquareD Switch Gear
  • Unirac racking system utilizing the S5 non-penetration clips for standing seam roofs (35 degrees)

  • 2 Veissman Flat Plate Collectors
  • Steibel Eltron Solar Water Tank
  • Grundfos Pump Station
  • Flexible Stainless Steel Supply and Return Lines
  • High Efficiency Energy Star Conventional Hot Water Tank

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