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At AMENERGY, we believe that every installation should be customized to the needs and desires of the end-user. Because of this, we have always been willing to implement new technologies or novel applications for existing products according to the motivations of our clients. This approach has led AMENERGY to a number of important milestones and will continue to do so going into the future.

Firsts in the State of New Mexico:

    • First two installations of solar systems that were approved for the state solar tax credit
    • First installation of Honeywell Windtronics turbines
    • First installation of an SMA Multi-cluster – which is on a 3 phase off-grid solar electric system
    • First Enphase micro-inverter installation on dual axis tracker
    • First Enphase micro-inverter installation
    • First successful installation of an Enphase micro-inverter system with battery backup in the world

Largest in the State of New Mexico:

    • The largest battery backup system in Mora-San Miguel Coop service area
    • Installation of the three largest residential solar electric systems in Mora-San Miguel Coop
    • Design and installation of the largest residential solar electric battery backup system
    • Largest residential Integrated Solar Thermal System infrastructure
    • Largest solar electric residential system in the Village of Corrales, New Mexico
    • Largest off grid residential solar electric installation
    • Largest ground mount ballast system

Other Notable Milestones in the State of New Mexico:

  • Donated 4kW solar electric system to Santa Fe Prep School
  • Installation of a majority of the grid tied battery backup systems

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