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Why do we use Lumos?Lumos

If you want solar generation to look great enough to serve as an architectural statement, then you’ll love Lumos as much as we do.  Lumos’ appeal is more than the fact that it is frameless, its power generating cells embedded in tempered glass catch the sun from both sides.  This stylish panel is built to last 25 years. Their award-winning LSX module system includes the panel, its frameless system as well as the rail for an all-in-one knock-out presentation. Lumos on awnings, carports and pergolas, lets in dappling light in while it powers your home.  These panels cost a little more than a standard panel, but hey, we know you’re worth it.

In the News: SmartPark Solar EV Charging Stations

“Lumos Solar, a Boulder, Colorado based design-centric solar company, is excited to announce the introduction of their SmartPark Solar EV Charging Station, featuring the new GSX Glass-Glass Frameless Module System. SmartPark will revolutionize how solar and EV charging are integrated.

Solar and EV charging is a natural fit. Electric vehicle adoption is growing exponentially and SmartPark structures are ready to provide unlimited, renewable fuel where they are being used. The cantilevered SmartPark structures are pre-engineered, prefabricated and designed to be easily deployable in residential, commercial and institutional settings. SmartParks’ clean, modern design will be a great addition to any landscape while the super functional canopy provides clean energy and weatherproof shade and shelter.”