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Enphase Energy                 

 Why do we use Enphase?

All inverters change the Direct Current (DC) that solar panels generate to Alternating Current (AC) that your house and the grid can use.  Enphase is a microinverter, which means each solar panel has it’s own inverter, so each panel generates independently and can be monitored.  This is different from traditional single inverters, because in those systems, panels 100% System Availability Guaranteedare strung together like Christmas lights, so if one goes dim, the whole system goes dim.

The Enphase technology creates efficiencies that traditional string inverters can not create.  For an example, an Enphase microinverter will turn on earlier in the morning and turn off later at night.  In a study published by Appalachian State University, researchers found microinverters outperformed traditional string inverters by 20%.

Enphase comes with a 25-year warranty and was founded in 2006. Now a world leader in microinverter technology, Enphase has been publicly traded since 2012 (Nasdaq with the symbol ENPH).

Enphase’s panel level monitoring allows customers to track and share their solar system’s performance online.  We can also keep track of your system and let you know of any issues.


“What if downtime was no longer a variable in your long-term financials?”

“Our availability guarantee means you don’t have to worry about the day-to-day operation of your system.”