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AMENERGY is a uniquely diverse and creative company bridging the emerging and continually evolving renewable energy, energy efficiency, and carbon emission markets. Our guiding principles are to proliferate the adoption of the clean energy economy and bring sustainable, reliable, independent, and affordable energy technologies to the marketplace in meeting tomorrow’s commercial and residential energy needs of society today.

Flow Science

Commercial Project Profile: Flow Science

Flow Science

Micro Inverter Grid Tie Roof Mount Solar Electric Installation on Low Slope Galviply Metal Roof

Flow Science is a high-tech software company located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The 36.7kW system was installed by AMENERGY in the winter of 2010.  This system was designed to offset 50%  of their electric use


  • 160 Sharp 235W Panels
  • 160 Enphase Micro-Inverters
  • Unirac Solar Mount Racking and Unirac racking system utilizing the S5 non-penetration clips for standing seam roofs
  • SquareD Switch Gear
  • Customer Owned Meter Stations

San Marcos Feed Store & Café

Commercial Project Profile: San Marcos Feed Store & Café

San Marcos

Grid Tied, Ground Mount Solar Electric Installation

The San Marcos Café and the San Marcos Feed Store is located just south of Santa Fe, New Mexico, on the historic Turquoise Trail.  This business sells hay, veterinary supplies, a wide variety of feeds, supplies for horsemen and ranchers, and hardware including common plumbing and electrical items. San Marcos is a corner stone for its community.

The San Marcos Café is a popular breakfast and lunch destination for local residents as well as those visiting the Santa Fe area.

The system installed by AMENERGY offsets 80% of their electrical use for the café, feed and hardware store, as well as 100% offset for the residence on the property. 4.7kW is dedicated to the residence, and 28.2kW is dedicated to the business. This installation required an upgraded service to 300A.



  • 20 Sharp 235W Panels
  • 20 Enphase Micro-inverters

Café and Feed Store:

  • 120 Sharp 235W Panels
  • 120 Enphase Micro-inverters

For both:

  • SquareD Switch Gear
  • Unirac Racking, Heavy Duty Rail  and Galvanized Unistrut

El Rancho de las Golondrinas

Commercial Case Study: El Rancho de las Golondrinas

El Rancho
Grid Tie, Roof Mounted Solar Electric Installation

El Rancho de las Golondrinas is a living museum just south of Santa Fe, NM, which educates the public about daily life in the Spanish Colonial Era of New Mexico. This 7.05kW system offsets the electric use of Las Golondrinas’ maintenance department.


  • 30 Sharp 235W Panels
  • 30 Enphase Micro-inverters
  • Unirac racking system utilizing the S5 non-penetration clips for standing seam roofs (35 degrees)
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