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So you want to know more about Clean Energy but don’t know where to start?

Clean Energy

AMENERGY thinks burning coal is not only dirty, it’s passé   Using coal to boil water into steam to spin wheels to make electricity is kind of dumb.  Today we have the technology to allow you to disconnect from dirty fuel and the power bill, because solar panels convert the sun’s photons directly into enough energy to power your house.  Solar Thermal systems can preheat your water with sunlight and reduce your reliance on conventional fuel by 65%.  We use renewable energy technology and storage to create complete independence for any customer.  We stay on top of the advances in technology to offer you the best quality and state of the art products.  We’re not your typical shop, we find creative solutions to meet your energy needs, no matter where you are.  Our multi-technology products, design services, and installation expertise means we can provide you with your own power generating facility that will be reliable and resilient for many years into the future.


Overview of Offerings in Residential, Commercial, Community, Municipal, Government & Military Applications


Find out more about Solar Electric Technology

Solar Electric Technology is the most common type of solar installation currently. Some of the features of Solar Electric systems include:

  • Grid Tied
  • Off Grid
  • Batteries – both stand alone & grid tied applications
  • Solar water pumping – includes submersible well, booster pump pressure and filtration


Find out more about Solar Thermal Technology

Heat your home and more with Solar Thermal Technology. Some of the benefits of our Solar Thermal systems include:

  • Integrated Space Heating
  • Domestic Hot Water
  • Swimming Pools and Spas


Find out more about Wind Energy Technology

We also offer Wind Energy Technology. Our Wind Energy systems features:

  • Small to Mid-sized Turbines
  • Commercial and Residential Options


We also offer:

  • Multi Technology Installations
  • Specializing in applying a combination of renewable energy at a single site
  • Custom Design, engineering & installation
  • Financing Options
  • Engineering, product procurement and construction (EPC) for large project development


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