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Battery Backup Systems

Battery backup means many things to different people.  Some people want to use more of their PV in the evening, some people want to use their solar generation when the power goes out, and some people want to live a life far away from electric lines.  AMENERGY can design a solar + storage solution to meet any lifestyle.  The sun may generate energy, but it can’t ramp up to cover the surge of power a refrigerator or coffee maker creates.  That’s where batteries come in.  The PV charges the battery from sunlight, and then the house pulls power from the batteries.

The cost depends on the size of the PV and battery backup needs.  The more you want to backup, the larger the price tag.

All of these systems qualify for applicable state and federal tax credits when connected to a solar system. We are New Mexico’s only fully licensed solar battery system installer.  Call us today with any questions.

Have a look at some of our Battery Backup options:


Off Grid Systems

This is the system for the client located in a remote or secluded area where the conventional utility grid is not accessible and complete electricity independence is desired.  Whether you are located outside of standard utility coverage, or just want energy independence, AMENERGY has solutions tailored to fit an off-grid lifestyle.

When systems and loads are designed for proper balance you won’t know the difference between the electric company and the batteries. However, the feeling of independence that an off-grid solar electric battery system creates does not exist with a standard connection to a utility company.

Critical Systems

Critical Systems Backup

Critical battery backup systems are an excellent option for providing power to critical components in the event of power outages.

It is similar to grid tied battery back-up in several ways. The system, which consists of solar electric panels, batteries and electronic equipment functions exactly like the grid tied system except that only a portion, the critical loads, are backed up. These loads are typically things like computer systems, refrigeration, water pumping, heating pumps, communications, and emergency lighting.


Commercial/Industrial Backup Systems

AMENERGY is committed to the energy security of commercial, industrial  and government entities. This can be achieved either through stand-alone systems or by integrating batteries into an existing conventional electric service. These types of systems can be used to provide uninterrupted power to computer data centers, facility lighting, surveillance and security equipment to mention a few. Through our in-depth energy auditing process, we can determine precisely how much backup capacity the facility requires.  Commercial solar battery systems also qualify for state and federal tax credits.


This is a popular choice for the client that wants to remain connected to the conventional utility grid and have the option of disconnecting and going off-grid.

A system of this nature not only offers utility company solar credits but also additional renewable energy credits. This is coupled with the security of automatically backing up all electric loads in the event of a power outage.

AMENERGY not only designs the electrical side of a system but also considers equipment housing locations and is fully qualified to build custom enclosures or modify existing spaces.

AMENERGY is fully licensed to install systems on United States federal and military facilities.

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