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Why do we use Absolyte?

When Sandia Laboratories in Albuquerque, NM recommended Absolyte Batteries to us, we knew we’d found the storage solution our off-grid customers required.  These batteries, used to backup cell phone towers for years, are sealed lead acid batteries, made from lead-calcium-tin-silver positive grid alloy, and require no maintenance.  With a 20 year life expectancy, their great cycling capabilities and outstanding recovery from deep discharge makes them the resilient and dependable battery for solar customers disconnected from the grid.  As part of an AMENERGY designed solar + storage solution using SMA inverters and the SMA Sunny Island battery management system, you can build your dream house anywhere you want.

 Total Technology Solution

“• Environmentally friendly positive grid alloy provides
reduced hazardous material content* and allows
global recycling.
• Patented Lead-Calcium-Tin-Silver positive grid alloy
provides long life in both float and cycling applica-
tions as well as outstanding recovery from deep dis-
• Modular steel trays are designed for easy installation
and balanced thermal management.
• Absorbed glass mat (AGM) separators provide
efficient operation resulting in the highest oxygen
recombination efficiency (>99%).
• Low resistance separator allows for improved high
rate discharge performance.
• Flame retardant transparent module cover.
• Post Access Optimized for ease of maintenance and
battery health assessment.”