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AMENERGY, founded in 2009 by Peter Page and Rich Headley, two solar industry veterans, strives to create customer solutions within the evolving renewable energy technology market. Specializing in energy efficiency options, AMENERGY creates renewable and conventional power systems to create self-reliance and financial security for customers.

We have been designing and installing solar electric, solar heat, and battery backup systems since 1994 and our combined licensing (general contracting, electrical, plumbing and mechanical contracting), enables us to provide you with the best energy solution for any situation and anywhere you want to live. With the over 20 years of expert services, we continue to move forward as the technology improves for solar thermal and solar electricity installation.

Based in Santa Fe New Mexico, AMENERGY is not geographically limited. We have and are currently developing  projects throughout New Mexico and the United States.

Why Choose AMENERGY?

Many companies only offer grid-tied PV installations, but the advances in renewable energy technologies makes off-grid living more accessible to more people.  We live in a rural state, and may prefer systems designed for remote locations.  If you prefer a custom designed system with the most reliable renewable energy equipment available, AMENERGY is the company for you. We offer multiple renewable energy technology solutions, and stay up to date with the latest innovations.

You know solar is a great investment, so why not choose AMENERGY, locally owned and operated, with headquarters in Santa Fe. Check out our Financing and Incentives page to see the best solution in New Mexico for solar customers.

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